Workflow is our specialty.  At Sonultra, we recognize that there is nothing more important than saving a physician’s time, while providing the best patient experience possible.  President and CEO of Sonultra, Don Parker, has had over 20 years working expressly in the medical industry, specializing in Ultrasound. Don Parker’s accumulated knowledge spans across mammography, obstetrics, and gynecology. Each discipline has given him invaluable experience, from clinical applications to the back-office.  His unique point of view lends itself to the business of medical care, starting from the point that a patient first walks through the door.

Many reporting companies employ the “one size fits all” theory of reporting.  These companies spend their time trying to convince potential customers that their product is good enough for their clinical and business needs.

We invest time listening to the needs of our future partners and craft a solution just for them.  We know that without highly specialized reporting, most practitioners cannot perform healthcare up to their or Sonultra’s highest standards.  One of Sonultra’s greatest pleasures is to craft software that works specifically for you and your environment.  While our competitors produce features, we craft workflows that allow participants to finish reports in as little as 30 seconds.  But we didn’t do it alone; physicians in private offices and universities, from all over the country, have been helping us refine our focus.  Taking advantage of physicians’ insights to understand the needs in the industry, we are constantly developing tools to solve these needs with unequalled results.

We are a unique, experienced, and specialized team who love workflow